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An NFL Labor Resolution Could Be Two Weeks Away

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Daniel Kaplan's forecast may be based on the giddiest players and owners, or it might not. All I know is that after hearing that the beginning of the end of this stupid lockout could be coming within two weeks makes me want to moonwalk on water.

There's been a substantial number of reports backing up the optimistic rumblings coming out of meetings between players and owners in recent weeks, and this is by far the rosiest. If a framework could be agreed upon within two weeks, and a couple more weeks brought us a final agreement, the NFL could salvage a training camp, pre-season and full season. I don't have to tell any of you how awesome that would be at this point.

It would mean those unofficial player workouts would be replaced by mandatory, full-team workouts. It would mean a Falcons team that went 13-3 last season could finally get back to work in a meaningful fashion, bring aboard free agents and try to deliver on the considerable promise that bloomed in 2010. We could all be happy in that little NFL world, in other words.

Let's hope it happens. Where do you put the odds?