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Saturday Six Pack: Julio Jones Jumping Joyfully Edition 6/11/11

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No, no matter how many of these you have, you will not be able to jump over Brent Grimes.
No, no matter how many of these you have, you will not be able to jump over Brent Grimes.

Julio Jones has once again made our news explode this week. First, he jumped over Brent Grimes in the end zone and probably drew a few winces from everyone. Second, he reaffirmed himself as "The Man" for being possibly the most hardworking, mature first round pick since....well, Matt Ryan isn't a good comparison. He was only a few years ago. You get my drift, I'm sure.

In any case, let's see what I can drum up for you this fine Saturday.

Windy City Gridiron: Here is a look at the fantasy projections for the NFC South, courtesy of one of our sister sites, Windy City Gridiron (Bears). It gives a good look at all four of the teams, and the lone comment on the page as of this writing also gives even more insight to each team. It's well written and worth a look if you're a fantasy footballer.

Sports Illustrated: has a look at Julio specifically in the fantasy perspective. The fact that they're even bothering to look at him in a fantasy perspective suggests in my mind that they're optimistic about football happening this season. If not, well, maybe they'll just have the 32 best Madden players play a legitimate real season on TV. I might actually watch it. Maybe.

Alright, enough fantasy stuff.

Savannah Morning News: The Savannah Morning News sponsored an event called the 2011 Best of Preps Banquet in Savannah, and our own Matt Ryan spoke at the event. There's a link to the speech in the article. It's typical Matty. Nothing extravagant or spectacular, but spot on about what needs to be done. You have to appreciate the time he's putting in not just on the field, but off of it as well.

Detroit Free Press: This one is actually really interesting. Former Lion and Falcon DE Sam Williams claims to be the first person to start labor issues in the NFL back in 1968. Then a Falcon, Williams said that the owners and players were having issues and he took the Falcons on strike. Interesting read, for sure.

WCBD TV, Charleston, SC: Roddy White participated in a youth football camp this week. Roddy hasn't been at workouts much, but Matty believes he'll be ready to go. I also believe that, but I am glad to know that Roddy is staying out of trouble and helping kids out, as well. Stories like these always make me appreciate the players more.

Random Funny: This image actually scared me a little. Evil Assassin Cat.