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(Substitute) TWESTOTE of the Day: Falcons Favoring Union

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In this Q&A with Chris Redman, DOL finds that the Falcons are strongly supporting the union:

Q: How are you dealing with the lockout?

A: We are just going to have to hang tight. Obviously,  we want to play. We want to get out there as soon as possible. Hopefully, it gets cleared up. But we have to do the best thing for the league and all of the players in the future. I think we are willing to do whatever it takes. We are all behind our union and we think that they are doing a great job so far. We have to keep positive and hope we get back on the field real soon.

Naturally, I wouldn't expect any players to favor the owners, but it's nice to be reassured that our team isn't an anomalous borg assimilator that favors the owners.

What amused me was the picture DOL used in the article. There is a noticeable difference between JPW's arms (which, strangely enough, resemble mine) and Redman's arms (which look like missile arms). I guess that's why JPW is third string. He has the arm strength of me, which basically means not much. Hah!

That said, there isn't much going on otherwise. Dave really covers the bulk of it here.

I am glad to see Julio going full tilt in practices, though. I really think he's gonna be something special for us (just don't get hurt!) If he can replicate the other JJ's performance (Jair Jurrjens, who is on super fire for the Braves right now) then we're in for a treat.