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Falcons Among Three NFL Teams With Highest Practice Attendance

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Is it sad when we're lauding teams for having the majority of the team actually working out during the off-season? During the eternal lockout, yes. Yes it is.

The Sacramento Bee, of all places, has a report on those teams with the best attendance during player-organized practices  (or "player-organized," depending on how much tin is in your hat). You'll never guess who places among the top three.

This is significant for three reasons. Number one, it underscores the dedication of the majority of the team, even with the lockout in full swing. Second, it gives the team a chance to get rookies involved in a way they wouldn't be otherwise; again, because of the lockout. Third, it's just fun to point out to fans of teams like the Patriots that we're fielding twice as many guys as them, even if it's not as consequential as one would hope.

Also, there's this:

Ryan provides the offensive script while middle linebacker Curtis Lofton provides the defensive script.

Ah, leadership!

What are your thoughts on this distinction of sorts?