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Saturday Six Pack: Post Draft Edition 5/7/11

I tell ya, the weather's getting pretty close to tailgating weather. It's too bad football might not be played this fall.
I tell ya, the weather's getting pretty close to tailgating weather. It's too bad football might not be played this fall.

Well, the draft has come and gone, and we're back in sludge NFL lockout destroyer mode. Naturally, you've heard everyone and their brother's opinion about which drafts were good, which drafts were bad, and which draft picks were good/bad. I'll do my best to stray away from those this fine Saturday.

Let's get this Saturday Six Pack rockin'!

DOL: DOL presents a couple good reads for us today. One is a bit older, but since I didn't do a six pack last week, you didn't get to read it! First, Julio Jones loves his mama. It's a nice little read about how Julio's mom made sure to keep him out of trouble while he was growing up, and how Julio is going to repay her now. Happy Mother's Day. Also, DOL plays General Manager for fun. He thinks we'll land Ray Edwards in free agency.

The Daily Norseman: To complement the Ray Edwards fun, our friends over at the Daily Norseman talk about a rather intelligent plan the Falcons could use to acquire Ray Edwards. The way they outline the plan, we could do whatever Restricted Free Agency does and not have to give up a first round pick until 2013, which means we'd essentially be getting Ray Edwards on credit. That seems really, really....sneaky, but super smart.

SBN Atlanta: I would've put this on the front, but the Daily Norseman complemented the DOL stuff pretty well. (Sorry Jason) but our good friend Jason Kirk briefly talks about the odds of Julio Jones (and others) winning OROY this year. It's a little something to think about, if you're into that kind of thing.

WXIA 11 Alive: The local news station Channel 11 (NBC affiliate) down in Atlanta is reporting that GM Dimitroff is going to ride in a Beltline Bike Tour today. One thing you may or may not know about Comrade is that he absolutely loves to go biking, and the Bike Tour is a good way to advocate cycling in the city. It would be cool to do something like that knowing the GM of the Falcons is doing it, too. Vic Carucci, senior columnist over at, thinks the world might end if Julio Jones withers under the "pressure" of being such a high draft pick. I understand where he's coming from, but I think Julio's telling the truth when he says he doesn't feel pressured to succeed. And I certainly hope he doesn't feel the need to validate what we gave up for him, because I think he'll be just fine.

Random Funny: Here is a site with some simple, yet humorous quotes. Just a little something to get a chuckle out of you on this glorious Saturday.