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Where Will New Falcons Linebacker Akeem Dent Play?

Ever since Akeem Dent was drafted in the third round last weekend, philosophers and soothsayers alike have attempted to figure out where he's going to play.

I posed that question to the Twitter community at-large and got back a handful of interesting answers. The answers were split between believing he'd be a solid backup and a starter, with more than one suggesting that he might play the "Stephen Nicholas memorial role" as a backup both outside and inside.

My belief is that he'll eventually start outside, but in the meantime he appears ticketed for a backup role. There have been suggestions that Dent will back up Curtis Lofton, freeing Coy Wire to go outside and play passing downs for Mike Peterson (?!?!?!), but the Falcons seem likely to use Dent all over the place when they need a thumper. Dude's also supposed to be a special teams ace, for what that's worth.

I'd like to hear from you. Where and how often will Dent play in 2011?