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The Matt Bosher Question: What Role Will He Play?

Kicker, punter, kickoff specialist. Will Matt Bosher be one or all of them?

Whatever you may think of Bosher, drafted near the end of the sixth round, he's got a capable leg and the makeup to be effective in special teams. He's extremely unlikely to play the Michael Koenen memorial role as the kicker and punter for the Falcons, given the way Koenen went down like a lead zeppelin filled with bricks trying to do so.

But Bosher is likely to take Koenen's job, in my opinion. Koenen has been a Falcon and served admirably for a long time, so based on that alone I'll miss him. Yet if he's asking for serious money in free agency, the Falcons are exceedingly unlikely to oblige, and drafting Bosher probably sealed his fate.

With his leg, Bosher's likely to be at least an equivalent to Koenen, if not his better. He'll also be significantly younger and cheaper. I say the Falcons hold on to Matt Bryant for a year or two, let Koenen walk and have Bosher handle kickoffs and punting duties. Of course, what I would like to hear is your opinions on the matter.