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The Best And Worst Of The Falcons' 2011 NFL Draft

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In the spirit of being succinct for once in my life, we're going to dive right into the meat of this post. The topic today is the single best and single worst pick from last weekend's draft.


Jacquizz Rodgers! Tiny Thunder, as Jason Kirk dubbed him on Tuesday, is potentially the best value pick of the entire draft. Though he stands just 5'6", Rodgers is righteous fury in the guise of a running back. By all appearances, he has the durability to enter into a reasonable timeshare with Michael Turner while offering a crazy amount of shiftiness and a surprising amount power. I love this pick.


There isn't one! While I'd accept arguments for Matt Bosher, I don't think the Falcons had a truly egregiously bad pick in this entire draft. Such is the power of optimism.

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