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Remember Your Favorite Falcons Team On Memorial Day

Memorial Day is for honoring veterans and active duty military men and women, and I highly encourage you to do so. We all know someone who has served, and they deserve any thanks you can give them.

But in the spirit of remembering, I want to bring you something a little more Falcons-centric. I'm curious to hear your favorite Falcons team of all time, something I know we've discussed in the past, but not for a while now.

My favorite team remains the 1998 Atlanta Falcons. I know it's cheap, given that they're the only Falcons team to make the Super Bowl and thus are more or less the default option, but that's the way it is. In my 14-year-old world, that was one of the coolest things that could have happened.

 Let's hear from you. Favorite Falcons team? Tell us why, if you wouldn't mind.