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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: Can Jacquizz Keep the No Fumble Vibe Going?

Can't remember who it was, but at some point last weekend, a poster (and admitted Oregon State fan) alluded to the fact that Jacquizz doesn't fumble. At the time, my thought was: well that is great news because we can always use another RB with solid hands.

Then I realized he LITERALLY doesn't fumble. Like ever. He only fumbled once in college, during the 2009 Las Vegas Bowl versus BYU, and some even question whether he really fumbled then (it was arguably a forward pass that landed on his feet). Remember: he logged nearly 800 carries and 151 receptions at Oregon State. 

But alas, the hard-hitting reality of professional football always brings me down to earth. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled he's a Falcon, but most NFL defenders are more flatback-resistant than John Boyett (the Oregon safety Jacquizz trucked in last fall's Civil War game). It's an adjustment - one I'm sure he can make - but it won't be easy.

Curious what y'all think. Will he be just as sure-handed at the next level? Honestly I think he will be. He thrives because of his shiftiness, which means he doesn't really even need to make much contact.

To be honest, I'm just in need of a little assurance. So give it to me. Right meow!