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Random Discussion Of The Day: Mardy Gilyard On The Block?

Those of you who have been reading since last off-season may remember there was a somewhat of a fascination with wide receiver Mardy Gilyard around the blog. Many called for the Falcons to draft him, thereby covering ourselves in a particularly Gilyarded kind of glory.

That didn't happen, but oddly enough, it appears the Falcons could have another crack at the guy. Rotoworld passes along a report that Gilyard might be on the block after the Rams totally rebuilt their wide receiving corps this off-season, turning a formerly bare depth chart into a crowded one.

Would Gilyard fit with the Falcons? Hard to say. He's a talented enough receiver and he's quick, but due to injuries the NFL hasn't gotten much of a look at him. With the team's depth chart crowded enough already, I'd say he wouldn't fit.

I'm aware this is unlikely, at best, but hey. What else are you going to talk about on a Saturday in the middle of the lockout?