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Brian Finneran Has Played His Last Down For The Atlanta Falcons

There's no easy way to say goodbye to an iconic Falcon, but we're going to have to learn to do so.

We already knew that Brian Finneran was unlikely to return to the team, but in an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, he's all but confirmed he's moving on. The man who has been a Falcon for more than a decade, playing a major role on some of the best teams in franchise history, has seen his epoch come to a close.

How can I be so certain? Finneran said it himself:

Q: What was you conversation with the Falcons like?

A: They said they wanted to give some of the younger guys some opportunities to come up and make some plays. It will be interesting to see what they do, especially with the arsenal that they have now and if they have to make any more moves with the personnel at receiver position because they are pretty stacked right know. There is a lot of money wrapped up in it, I would imagine. But they were very nice.

It only makes sense, from a football perspective. Finneran hasn't been a major factor in the passing game since 2005, and has hung on chiefly because of his special teams and leadership value. With the Falcons adding Julio Jones to a depth chart that already features Roddy White, Michael Jenkins, Harry Douglas, Kerry Meier and Eric Weems--not to mention practice squad guys like Brandyn Harvey and Tim Buckley--there simply wasn't any room for Finn.

The dude still wants to play, though, and I fervently hope he can catch on somewhere else. Finn's done a lot for the Falcons with no complaint, and for that I'd like to see him rewarded. The Falcons will be a better team without him, but that doesn't mean he won't be missed.

Say your fond farewells, friends.