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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: Leave Roddy Alone!

We've discussed Roddy's problematic tweeting once or twice. And [insert drum roll] he's done it again! Kinda. AJC reported yesterday re: Ali White's legal problems. Ali White is Roddy's cousin. Roddy took him in four years ago - when Ali was 17 - and assumed a parent-type role. Cool part is we never heard about it. He's just altruistic like that. Roddy then tweeted the following today:

"Can the atlanta journal constitution not call my phone anymore about stuff tht has nothing to do with me if its not football related don’t call my #!@%*# phone," White tweeted on Monday. "Better yet don’t even associate me with criminal activities I aint done nothing u [#!@%*#$ #!@%*#$&]."

I'll be honest, I'm a little annoyed by what the AJC did. Their job is to report the news, not to create it. Am I surprised? Not at all. Because that's what news outlets do. But this time it's personal. They harassed and attacked our WR1, and that just doesn't sit right with this blogger.

As I stated yesterday, if Ali did in fact do what Gwinett County is alleging he did, then more-likely-than-not he and Roddy aren't all that close anymore, otherwise there'd be no need for these pistol whipping shenanigans. Ordinarily I'd expect Roddy to take the high road. Under these circumstances, I can understand why he's frustrated.

Still curious what y'all think. Fill me in.