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Catching Up With Spoooooon

Here is a Q&A with Spoon, courtesy of DOL. Interestingly enough, the URL says "Weatherspoon working plan to be more destructive" even though that's not what the title of the article is. I found that to be amusing.

In any case, Spoon claimed to have had all of the linebackers at the 7-on-7 workouts, but he didn't specify whether that included Nicholas or not. I would have to assume it does, but I can't say for sure. He did say that Akeem Dent joined them, which is great.

Another thing that was mentioned was his exit interview. I know Smitty talked about having those with every player, but I can't say I've heard about what transpires in those exit interviews. Spoon briefly touched up on his interview, saying LB Coach Glenn Pires laid out some expectations for him over the next few years. Spoon said he wants to be ready to go this year, and his athleticism could be a major contributor on passing downs.

What are your expectations for Spoon this year? And for fun, will he have more interceptions than Dunta Robinson?