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Atlanta Falcons Receive Mixed Grades For 2011 NFL Draft

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We had to know that with the Falcons' massive draft day trade, grades for the Atlanta Falcons have been all over the map. Yours truly will be much sunnier than most, but you'll have to wait a few hours for the landing.

You'll want to get caught up on a handful of grades thanks to Jason Kirk's excellent compilation post, which includes CBSSport's Rob Rang and Pete Prisco each delivering a B-. Meanwhile, ESPN's winsome draftnik Mel Kiper Jr. gave the Falcons a C+, which is entirely expected given his tendency to hate anyone who drafts ever.

Somewhere north of that is USA Today, who gives the Falcons a B. And on and on into eternity.

It's fun to grade drafts, but of course this is just an exercise is opining and puffing up expert credentials in the immediate aftermath of an event too big to grade so quickly. For that reason, these are fun to look at, vaguely instructive and not much else. C'est la vie.

Since the fun part is all that matters, deliver your draft grades in the comments. As I said earlier, my draft grades will land this afternoon.