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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: Nobody is Gonna Bite the Dust

DOL reported yesterday re: a possible Falcons/Raiders scrimmage next week. Turns out nothing of the sort was ever considered.

Two leaders of the Falcons’ seven-on-seven workouts told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution after Thursday’s workout that they have not been contacted by the Oakland Raiders about having a passing camp scrimmage and doubted that they would agree to such a scrimmage.

The Falcons expressed a concern about players getting injured in a competitive environment during the lockout.

I know what you're probably thinking: it's a non-story. And you're right. But it does illustrate an important point. Namely that these guys know what they're doing. Some Falcholics have expressed concern about these "minicamp" practices. I've heard the "well what if someone gets hurt?" meme left and right as-of-late. It's just not warranted.

Sure they're football players, but they know where their professional value lies. It's not about winning a roster spot right now. It's about staying in shape.