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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: CB or DE?

Free agency will make an appearance sooner or later. While it may not be the free agency we're accustomed to, you'd have to think TD and company will make a splash given their history and last month's drafting strategy. It's easy to assume they'll pursue a DE. But I'm not so sure.

We've opined about whether it'd be smarter to sign a CB or DE and two arguments usually manifest themselves. Some folks think the Falcons are one DE away from an improved pass rush (added bonus: a CB corps that doesn't suffer from PTSD). Conversely, some Falcoholics think a topflight CB - and making Grimsey our NB - will net us more sacks and keep elite QBs in check. It's akin to the chicken vs. egg question. Which comes first?!

Adjusted Sack Rates and Coverage DVOAs:

(1) Oakland - ASR is 9.5 percent (47 sacks) - 17th in coverage DVOA

(2) San Diego - ASR is 9 percent (47 sacks) - 4th in coverage DVOA

(3) Pittsburgh - ASR is 8.3 percent (48 sacks) - 2nd in coverage DVOA

(4) Green Bay - ASR is 8.1 percent (47 sacks) - 1st in coverage DVOA

(5) Philadelphia - ASR is 7.7 percent (39 sacks) - 11th in coverage DVOA

(6) Detroit - ASR is 7.7 percent (44 sacks) - 19th in coverage DVOA

(7) New York (Giants) - ASR is 7.6 percent (46 sacks) - 3rd in coverage DVOA

(8) Saint Louis - ASR is 7.1 percent (43 sacks) - 21st in coverage DVOA

(9) Miami - ASR is 7.1 percent (39 sacks) - 23 in coverage DVOA

(10) New York (Jets) - ASR is 7 percent (40 sacks) - 7th in coverage DVOA

When I thought about comparing coverage DVOAs and ASRs, I was hopeful there'd be an easy answer. But I don't think there is. Five of the top ten ASRs are in fact accompanied by top ten coverage DVOAs. Then you have Oakland. To be honest, IMO the two are inextricably linked. One doesn't produce the other, it's more symbiotic than that.

If we're taking a purist approach, then we should definitely pursue a DE. Abe is in the last year of his contract and on the wrong side of 30. We were 10th in coverage DVOA and 23rd in ASR. Moreover, the FA CBs aren't very attractive (i.e., not worth the pay days they'll likely command) given their longevity, durability, and character concerns.

Bottom line: I'm lost. If I were TD, this is the kind of thing that'd keep me up at night. For that reason, I'm curious what y'all think.