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AJC: Falcons Want Mike Peterson To Return In 2011

There may be no country for old men, but there's always a roster spot for an old linebacker.

Mike Peterson could've been on the chopping block this off-season, but the Falcons seem committed to returning to him for at least one more season. I've long been harder on Peterson than most because I'm a big believer in a young, mobile linebacking corps that can help out in pass protection..Call me old-fashioned.

But Peterson has undeniably been an asset for the Falcons, and ironically he was much better in 2010 than 2009. At this point he gives the team a great veteran presence—he's helping to lead up off-season workouts—an above average skill set when it comes to stopping runners and a below average one in the passing game. Unless he drops off a cliff, he's a perfectly solid option to start outside in the short-term.

For the long haul, of course, we're talking about another player. But if Peterson's right in his interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the Falcons want him back, I'm happy to welcome him back into the fold.

Are you?