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Falcons Running Back Situation: If No Snelling, Then Who?

When free agency finally starts, it is a possibility that Jason Snelling will leave for a larger role with another team. I wish I had a way to link it, but I recall an interview he did on ESPN that talked about his epilepsy as well as his belief that he could be a starter in the league somewhere.

If he leaves, then that leaves us with Thunder (Turner), Tiny Thunder (Quizz), and a plethora of running backs that didn't do us a lick of good last year. I took a moment to examine some free agents that could potentially help us.

Ronnie Brown: He's a Georgia native, and he's been splitting carries with Father Time Ricky Williams down in Miami. Ronnie has had injury issues throughout his career, but if used sparingly, he could have some potential value. The injuries also mean he's logged fewer carries than most running backs as well.

Mewelde Moore: His numbers as of late have been ugly, but he has a 4.4 career ypc and has caught passes out of the backfield in his limited time on the field. There won't be any room for him on the Steelers, and he could be a cheap option that has some playing experience.

Darren Sproles: His lack of size could prevent him from signing for feature back money, and it appears that he may be on his way out in San Diego. Quizz isn't elite fast, but Sproles is, and would ultimately complete a trifecta of big/quick/fast running backs for us. It would be neat, for sure.

Pierre Thomas: In the crowded Saints backfield, it could be Thomas -not Bush- that is the odd man out. Thomas only has 400 carries for his career and his career ypc is 4.7. He doesn't have anything special about him other than he's just a flat out tough runner. He'd be a good and potentially cheap option that would provide stability at running back, if nothing more.

There are many other recognizable names out there (Ben Jarvus Green-Ellis, Jerome Harrison, Brandon Jackson, among others) that we might take a peek at in free agency. Do you think Snelling will leave, and if so, do you think we'll try to pick up a cheap option in free agency? Or will we go after someone like Derrick Locke, who went undrafted?