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Falcons Receiver Julio Jones Cleared To Start Running

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Excellent news for a Tuesday night, wouldn't you say?

We already knew that Julio Jones was getting off to a great start, showing up at Falcons workouts and generally trying to integrate himself with his new team as quickly as possible. The only thing holding him back was his nagging foot injury.

Thankfully, Jones just got checked out and is finally cleared to go running, according to no less an authority than Jones himself:

Heading back to Atlanta from Charlotte I had a recheck on my foot everything went great now I can start running#WINNING

Charlie Sheen reference aside, this is fantastic. Getting Jones involved in workouts and able to start running routes will make a huge difference in his preparation, assuming that all is not lost with the upcoming NFL season. Rookies with the willingness to work and the time to put in generally are a lot more successful in year one, and the Falcons want Julio playing right away.

Celebrate with me!