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Looking Back And Grading The Falcons 2008 Draft

Sundays are good days for a trip down memory lane. What's a better memory than 2008?

Jay Adams over at the official site brought up the idea of grading that particular draft, a big part of the transformative off-season that brought the Falcons from being a miserable league laughingstock to perennial playoff contender. It was impressive, to say the least.

But with some distance between that draft and this year's Falcons team, what would you give it? For me, the 2008 NFL Draft was unquestionably an A for the team. They managed to get:

  • Matt Ryan, a Pro Bowl quarterback.
  • Sam Baker, a starting left tackle...even if he's not anyone's idea of elite.
  • Curtis Lofton, an awesome starting middle linebacker.
  • Thomas DeCoud, a starting-caliber safety
  • Kroy Biermann, a late-round steal and starting defensive end.
  • Harry Douglas, who still has some potential left as a slot receiver.

Maybe not everyone on that list is a star, but it was enormously successful and every one of those guys mentioned above is still with the team. Easy A.

What do you think?