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Saturday Six Pack: Lockout Still Lame Edition 5/14/11

Insert some random reason about needing to down some of these this weekend.
Insert some random reason about needing to down some of these this weekend.

The lockout continues to make the lack of football unbearable. Most players have corralled each other into player-oriented mini camps to help themselves and the rookies stay in shape. Still, this whole thing could've been avoided.

In any case, let's get right down to business with this glorious Saturday Six Pack.

AJC: I already plucked my DOL article for the week in a post from yesterday, so instead I'm going to reference this article from Ken Sugiura of the AJC. Basically it talks about how Julio Jones (Really, who else is there to talk about? This kid's everywhere!) really, really wants to workout with the team, but because the lockout is a thing of failure, he can't. I demand football this year.

USA Today: Sean Leahy of the USA Today writes that Browns' coach Pat Shurmur thinks they pulled off the greatest trade in draft history. He has a point, seeing as how they landed so many draft picks from us, but I'm pretty sure it worked out well for both sides. Both sides got what they needed, and who knows, maybe we'll look at it in a better light when JJ is hitting 88 mph and leaving fire trails everywhere.

Yahoo! Sports: Doug Farrar of Yahoo! Sports writes this article about how Julio Jones has landed in the perfect system. (I need to find some Jacquizz articles or something.) The thing I found most interesting about the article is the play that Doug broke down step by step. The best part of it (and the part he totally nailed) was the reference to how the Falcons 2010 offense was essentially that diagram but with a second TE instead of a Julio Jones. Pretty neat little reference, there.

Savannah Morning News: Donald Heath of the SMN writes about Coach Smitty speaking at the annual Bethesda sports banquet. They said he always makes time for them, even when he was in Jacksonville, and I think that's pretty cool of the coach. He also briefly touches up on the lockout and whatnot. He thinks that the NFC South is the toughest division in football right now, and I've gotta say it's definitely in the running for it.

National Football Post: Calling plays from the sidelines is normal....except for five teams. Care to guess which five teams those are? Well, we're one of them. Mike Mularkey is one of five OCs to call plays from the booth, AND he's the only OC with a top 10 scoring offense to call plays from the booth. I'll let you speculators run wild with that one.

Random Funny: I saw this series of photos and got a kick out of several of them. Hopefully you'll enjoy them as well!