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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: Julio to the Rescue!

Julio Jones is a generous dude. We won't know whether he was a worthwhile investment for a while. But for now, it does seem like we picked the right SEC WR a guy with high character. Page Two shared a little tidbit about JJ11's charitable efforts on behalf of the Alabama tornado victims.

Julio Jones might have been in Tuscaloosa when tornadoes touched down last month. "At the last minute," he said, "I decided I wanted to go to New York." But, yeah, he might have been there.

"I don't know what would have happened," he said.

With the lockout, Jones is not yet an official employee of the Falcons. But he does have a deal with Under Armour. He asked the sports accessories and apparel company if this could be their first project together. He and his crew planned to hand out boxes of socks, shoes, workout clothes, whatever UA makes.

Maybe A.J. Green wouldn't do the same thing. Maybe he would. I mean, after his NCAA-imposed suspension, Green did donate the money he made from selling an agent his Independence Bowl jersey to charity.