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John Parker Wilson Could Prove Valuable During Lockout

You read that right, and DOL agrees.

Our somewhat-maligned quarterback could actually be a great help to us during this lockout of fail. JPW had some experience with Julio Jones while Julio was a freshman. When JPW observed his own game tape, he noticed he targeted Julio a good bit.

As if we needed another reason not to worry about Julio, JPW vouches for him, saying he was a hard worker even as a freshman at Alabama. JPW could also tell Matty how Julio plays, how fast he plays, and what routes he likes to run most. Unfortunately, Julio probably got a bit stronger and faster after JPW left, but that still doesn't replace his work ethic.

Though limited in terms of playing on the field, JPW's helpfulness goes way up in this time of the lockout since he has some actual playing experience with Julio.

Now, for discussion, I present to you this hypothetical situation, and one that could very easily happen:

Let's assume a new CBA comes in mid-July. Let's also assume that JPW has been working with Matty up to that point and has been a big help to Matty's jelling with Julio as far as favorite routes/timing/etc. are concerned.

Now, when the new CBA comes out, teams are going to want to sign players. Let's assume we take a look at a quarterback, or more specifically, Pat Devlin, the QB from Delaware.

The question for you all is this: Do you keep JPW because of his potential help with Julio and because of his help to Matty? Or do you keep Devlin (assuming he's better) and essentially ditch JPW in spite of all his help this summer?

I look forward to your opinions on this!