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Kroy Biermann, Real Life, and a Defensive End

Here's a quick Q&A with the Beer Man. Courtesy of DOL.

At only 25 years old, Biermann is still an improving force on our defensive line. However, he might be affected the most by a free agent signing of a defensive end.

Dave has already offered his opinion on why Biermann is better than most think. I agree with him, if only for the simple fact that Biermann admitted he ran out of gas as the season wore on. Heck, he was one of the guys (Nicholas was the other, I believe) who would run 60+ yards in a dead sprint only to stay out on the field to play defense. As a former track athlete, I can tell you that that is insane to have to do multiple times.

I don't think anyone doesn't expect us to sign a free agent defensive end at some point, be it Ray Edwards, Charles Johnson, or somebody, but what does that do for Kroy? I'm a huge advocate of Smitty's defensive line rotation. Not only does it keep veterans like Abe fresh, but it also speaks to the incredible talent evaluating that our team is capable of.

But therein lies the problem. A rotation is great - long term super pass rush is great - but opposing teams aren't stupid. If we bring Abe in largely on passing downs, we could be hung out to dry on 2nd and 5, a fringe down and distance. Good teams will notice those things, and they'll exploit it. If we don't pick up a near-Abe quality DE, which hopefully Edwards or Johnson are, then our rotation could end up being a bane instead of a help.

What does all this say for Biermann? He's likely to be the one that gets shuffled down the depth chart if we bring someone in. He claims to be just fine with it, since he knows he'll get his reps, but how will he shift? Will Ray Edwards simply take over Abe's spot at DE, or will Biermann shift to Abe's spot and Edwards fill in Biermann's spot?

We have so many defensive linemen, this stuff can get confusing. In any case, what do you think will happen to Biermann in our rotation? Do you think being a father (baby's due in a month) will distract him from playing his best? Discuss!