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Michael Jenkins Takes Falcons Drafting Julio Jones In Stride

It takes a big man to let a rookie come in and steal your job right from under your nose. Thankfully, Michael Jenkins is 6'4". writer and former Falcons beat reporter Steve Wyche tracked down Jenkins at Falcons workouts at the mysterious undisclosed location Jason Kirk was talking about yesterday. He asked Jenks if he minded Julio Jones coming in, the implication (correctly) being that Jones would be taking his job opposite Roddy White in the very near future.

To his eternal credit, Jenkins took it about as graciously as he could:

"You know it's a business," said Jenkins, who had 41 receptions for 505 yards and two touchdowns last season. "You knew at some point we were going to get another receiver with a high pick. It's been probably since Roddy (in 2005), so it's all about the business and you know how it is. It adds competition and makes everybody better."

It's not like we've seen the last of Jenks. The coaching staff still values him as a receiver and blocker, and he'll be an enormous mismatch for opposing cornerbacks and safeties out of the slot. But it is pretty clear that Jones is on track to be starting outside early on, and Jenkins is headed for a demotion. It's good to see he can take that in stride.

For unicorns and giggles, project Jenkins' stats for 2011. Go!