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How Will Julio Jones Transform The WR Depth Chart?

A discussion tonight, a longer post later this week. That's just how I roll.

With Julio Jones on board, how will the wide receiver depth chart shake out? It's fair to assume that Jones will at least be operating out of the slot in his rookie season, and it's likelier that he'll be starting outside opposite Roddy White. With that in mind, what happens to Michael Jenkins, Harry Douglas, Kerry Meier and Eric Weems? What about the three receivers the team was carrying on its practice squad in coming into the off-season?

I'll go on record saying that the depth chart will go like this:

  1. Roddy White
  2. Julio Jones
  3. Michael Jenkins
  4. Harry Douglas
  5. Kerry Meier
  6. Eric Weems

Yeah, I'm predicting they'll carry six. Wanna fight about it?

Discuss and tell me how you think the depth chart will shake out, if you would.