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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day

Had not realized it before today, but assuming we have football this year, Gonzo is headed for a very significant milestone. He currently has 1,069 career receptions, which ranks 6th all-time at the moment. If he manages to exceed his rookie year reception total (33), then he will pass up Marvin Harrison (2nd all time).

I'm fairly sure he can manage 34 receptions, the problem is that he will have some competition. Here are the active receivers within 150 receptions of Harrison's career total (1,102):

Terrell Owens (1,078 or 5th all-time)

Randy Moss (954 or 8th all-time)

Hines Ward (954 or 8th all-time)

Personally I think Owens, Moss, and Ward are all headed for retirement fairly soon. I'd be surprised if Owens/Ward played another 2 seasons, though I think Moss - if the money is right - will wait until 2013 to retire, assuming this season isn't canceled. Even so, if Gonzo manages anything close to 70 receptions next year (his 2010 total), Moss still might not catch him.

I know he's not what he once was, but you gotta recognize greatness when you see it. Discuss!