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The Ten Biggest Atlanta Falcons Draft Busts: Bubba Bean

In this series of sponsored posts, we'll be looking at the ten worst and ten best Atlanta Falcons draft picks of all time. Let's start with the worst. Today's choice is former running back Bubba Bean.

There's an old saying that I just made up now: "When you draft a guy with the ninth overall pick, he damn well better play more than three seasons in the NFL."

Bubba Bean apparently doesn't dabble in fabricated old sayings. Drafted in 1976 in the first round, Bean was a promising 22-year-old back out of Texas A&M. Over the course of his first three seasons, Bean logged less than 200 carries three times, led the Falcons in rushing yards twice and gradually became more effective...and then his NFL career was over. Three years as a part-time player and then he was gone, as Kansas might wail, like dust in the wind.

To be fair, Bean lost his job to William Andrews, but he never did tote the rock again. He also fumbled 11 times in his first two seasons, which is a plus.

There's more than one running back on this list, but Bean is interesting because he was such a great college player that his lackluster pro career really stands out in contrast. He retired with just over 1,200 yards in his three seasons, going down as a fairly significant bust because of it.

Bean put himself ahead of Jamaal Anderson on this list by virtue of playing fewer seasons and being drafted one spot lower, a dubious distinction. He still ends up at #9 because he did something on the field. You'll notice how quickly that particular qualification dissolves as we plow on here.

Sponsored message ahead, lads. Discuss Bean and the list in the comments.

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