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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day

Bill Musgrave's departure is scary. Not exactly car-motor-turning-over-yet-not-starting scary or jail-door-closing scary. But scary all the same. Courtesy of the NFL Nation Blog, we're privy to some insight regarding Zeke Bratkowski's hiring. Smitty had this to say to Pat Yasinskas at the owners meeting:

“Bob has worked with a very successful quarterback in this league and is highly respected,’’ Smith said. “He’s been an offensive coordinator for a number of years and a number of teams. I feel Bob is going to be a very solid addition to our coaching staff. He has a very good background in the passing game. His teams through the years have always been able to throw the football. We’re excited about integrating Bob into our coaching staff and our offensive system.”

Yasinskas alludes to the strategy underlying this hiring as well: 

There’s a little more to this and Smith didn’t get into that, but I will. There had been some thinking around the Falcons that Mularkey could be moving on to a head-coaching job and Musgrave was viewed as his logical heir apparent as coordinator. Mularkey drew some interest this offseason, but only interviewed for one job. He could be a candidate for another job after next season and it’s wise for the Falcons to have a guy like Bratkowski already in place.

Matty Ice has shown repeatedly that he's a professional. And as such, I'm confident he won't let Musgrave's departure affect his play, regardless of personal attachments. It certainly helps - from an organizational standpoint - to have Bratkowsi around. Plus he has a pretty rad name.