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Your Top Five Draft Prospects For The Atlanta Falcons

Our question for this afternoon comes to us courtesy of Dawson Devitt at The Bird Cage Blog, who wants to know his readers' picks for the top five guys the Atlanta Falcons should draft.

I wanted to bring that discussion over this way because it's a great idea from Devitt, but also because this is something we haven't spent a lot of time on. Most of you have one or two guys you feel passionately about and have let the community know about, but not many of you have identified a real top five list for us. It's as good a time as any, right?

My top five? Very heavy with pass rushers of all stripes. IIt goes something like this at the moment, though my wild mood swings means it's susceptible to changing daily:

  1. DE Ryan Kerrigan
  2. DE/OLB Justin Houston
  3. OT Gabe Carimi
  4. OLB Akeem Ayers
  5. DE Allen Bailey

Share yours in the comments.