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Falcons Draft Kicker/Punter Matt Bosher In Sixth Round Of NFL Draft

My immediate reaction was what the hell!?

After some reflection, meditation and soul-searching, my reaction transformed into a more subdued what?

The only way this pick makes any sense at all is if Michael Koenen or Matt Bryant is leaving in free agency in 2011, and that's the assumption I'm going to operate for this post. Time to look at Matt Bosher based on his merits.

If Koenen is indeed gone, Bosher's an instant replacement. If he's a punter at the next level, he's a good one, averaging 41.6 yards per punt for his career and 44 per in 2010. From everything I can find, Bosher is a good directional punter with enough of a leg to get air under his kicks.

He's a career 84.7 percent field goal kicker with a reasonably strong leg and good accuracy. Apparently, he was announced as a kicker by the Falcons, so it's entirely possible that Bosher is going to be the team's new kicker in 2011. The fact that he can punt in a pinch severely limits Kroy Biermann's value as a punter in fantasy leagues.

Somehow, Thomas Dimitroff managed to draft a classic Falcon at punter. Bright guy, hard worker, positionally versatile and talented, Bosher seems like a lock to take over if and when Bryant/Koenen is gone.

You all know how badly I wanted Virgil Green, but this is likely to go down as a smart move. No matter what Trent Dilfer thinks of it.