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NFL Draft: Day 3 Expectations

Today is the last day of the NFL draft ,and we're sitting pretty with 5 late, late picks. Unfortunately, none of them will be Taiwan Jones, so I will be very sad.

I feel like we won't make too many surprise moves today. I think we'll just sit tight and draft for depth. There are still some surprise picks that could come along, but I think we'll take care of business.

I expect a (fast) running back chosen at some point. I don't want to say we won't get any production out of the RB we choose (Snelling) but the more unknown of a back we get, the less I feel comfortable about it. I'm really hoping we take a look at Noel Devine. I think he has a chance to be good and no one has really talked about him lately.

I really hope we take a flyer on Vidal Hazelton at some point. I think that would make for a great story and the kid certainly wants to be here more than anything else, it would seem. He'd be one we could sit for a year or two, and then when Gonzo/Roddy go, we'll have someone primed and ready to rock.

I also expect us to draft at least one offensive lineman, because we always do.

Well, this will be our last day of normalcy in football for a while. What are your expectations for our draft strategy today?