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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: Julio Jones and Dropped Passes

JJ cheesing his dreads off.
JJ cheesing his dreads off.

His hands aren't as bad as Jon Gruden thinks they are. If you haven't seen this must-read from last weekend, I'd suggest you take a look. NFC West Blog's Mike Sando compared Julio's drop percentage and catch-to-drop ratio to those of five NFC West receivers (Fitzgerald, Amendola, Williams, Crabtree, and Breaston).

Jones had more drops than any receiver on the list and the second-highest drop percentage, but his catch-to-drop ratio wasn't out of line.

He was targeted 108 times last year (78 receptions and 8 drops). He caught 72 percent of what was thrown at him. Four less drops last year and his catch-to-drop ratio would've been on par with Fitzgerald's (who only caught 51 percent of what was thrown at him).

Bottom line: his so-called issue with the dropsies is way overblown.