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Should The Falcons Take QB Pat Devlin In The 2011 NFL Draft?

The question comes to us via ESPN's Pat Yasinskas, who is really coming in from left field on this one.

On one hand, it's easy to see his point when he calls for the Falcons to draft Delaware quarterback Pat Devlin. Chris Redman isn't getting any younger, and nobody has any idea what John Parker Wilson is capable of. Devlin's not a great prospect—he's widely projected to go in the fifth round or later—but he's a talented guy with a lot of developmental potential.

But do the Falcons need a quarterback? I don't think any of us would argue that it's among the most pressing needs this off-season, but I certainly think it's a good idea to get a long-term backup ready. If the team believes that's JPW, then the draft isn't the place to address it. Otherwise, a guy like Devlin or Tyrod Taylor might be pretty intriguing.

Give the article from Yasinskas a full read and then start the discussion. I'll pop in and offer a lengthier opinion at some point.