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Falcons Targeting Vikings DE Ray Edwards

Some of you expressed disappointment last night when Comrade Dimitroff did not pursue a defensive end in the first round. Well fear not, because apparently our front office is already in free agency mode. Bob Rang of CBS Sports reported this morning that the Falcons will look to sign DE Ray Edwards if free agency comes to fruition next week.

The 6'5 280 lb man-beast has accrued 29.5 sacks since his NFL debut in 2006. As a former fourth round draft pick, the kid clearly has a chip on his shoulder. And at 26-years-old, his best may still be ahead of him. But alas, the signing is far from a sure thing.

Any pursuit of Edwards, 26, could be tricky because his status as a free agent is tied to a new collective bargaining agreement or to the rules the league imposes as part of re-opening for business after the lockout. A five-year veteran, Edwards can only be an unfettered veteran if there is an agreement which reduces the number of accrued seasons for unrestricted free agency to four years.

Four years was the prior requirement, but the uncapped season in 2010 raised the level to six years, and the league could decide to play under those guidelines again.

Personally I'd love it if we went out and got this guy. Insert him in our DE rotation and we get a whole heck of lot scarier on the defensive side of the ball. Even if we don't sign him, our interest clearly signals that TD has a method to his madness.

Feel free to weigh in.