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The Falcoholic Draft Preview Discussion

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Tomorrow brings on gilded wings the NFL Draft, which is sort of like Christmas for the hardcore football fan.

Dreams come true and are crushed on these august three days, beginning with the pomp and circumstance of the first round. The Falcons have drafted well over the last three seasons, in my humble opinion, so I retain my youthful optimism as I prepare for an evening of television, beer and nachos.

After the jump, you'll find a haphazard list of things you should look for in tomorrow night's draft. Be sure to check back here at 7:30 p.m. sharp as we roll out our live coverage, including my famous—I believe in a very loose definition of famous, in case you were wondering—live blog of the event.

After the jump, find a list of things worth discussing.

  1. Positions of need. My list goes defensive end, wide receiver, offensive line, running back, tight end, linebacker and safety, in that order. What's yours? 
  2. Top three picks. At this point, I have the Falcons down for DE Justin Houston in the first, WR Jerrel Jernigan in the second and RB Alex Green in the third. That's based entirely on guesswork and the fact that the team has been so focused on obtaining help at pass rusher and on the offensive side of the ball. Share yours in the comments.
  3. Will the Falcons make a trade? My money's on yes. The team tends to move around a bit, even if it's in the late rounds, but this is a year where I can see them changing direction in the first or second day. Worth watching, to say the least.

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