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What If The Atlanta Falcons Trade Up In The 2011 NFL Draft?

A totally hypothetical question, but one I thought was worth debating as the draft clops closer and closer.

We've spent a lot of time and energy talking about who the Falcons will take at #27, and nearly as much wondering aloud what would happen if they trade down. But what if they trade up?

It's not entirely outside the realm of possibility, given the fact that the Saints and Buccaneers both pick in front of the Falcons and need pass rushers nearly as much as our beloved birds do. That's perhaps the likeliest scenario, because we know how this team has been looking lustily in the direction of guys like Justin Houston.

I'll go on record one more time stating that the odds of the Falcons trading up into the top ten to grab anyone are far-fetched. As a matter of fact, if that should happen, I will drink a tall beer to help me forget the fact that I'm wrong all the time. Given this team's track record of squeezing value out of every pick, I can't imagine they'd readily give up three picks for the price of one, though.

So consider this a discussion post, if you would. Could the Falcons trade up, and who would they target?