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The NFL Lockout Is Over...Or Is It?

Hat tip to talented reader Mosugo, who first alerted us to this last night.

Judge Susan Nelson, bless her heart, has ruled in favor of the players and crushed the NFL lockout. This is a cause for celebration, but I would hope you started drinking last night, because by the time you read this it's likely to be all but over.

That's because the NFL owners are embracing their villain status and are preparing to file an appeal that could keep this awful situation dragging on for weeks and months to come. I'm so happy I could punch a nun!

Ultimately, our best hope at this point is that the owners are soundly defeated in court, which would allow free agency to proceed unfettered, albeit with a lot more unrestricted free agents than many teams might have been anticipating. I wouldn't say that's the most likely outcome, unfortunately.

I would urge you to use this thread to discuss all things lockout, especially as this story evolves this morning.