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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: Will Matt Ryan Win a SB Before Joe Flacco?

Ryan and Flacco comparisons are unavoidable. I'd be thrilled if that weren't true. Let's be honest though, there are some similarities. Both were first round draft picks in 2008. Both started as rookies. Both get fancy schmancy "face of the franchise" treatment.

NFL Live's Mark Schlereth shared his opinion last week. And guess what? He likes us better.

The Ravens - as a whole - they're an aging football team ... [Matt Ryan's] upside, his stardom, and his ability to carry a team on his back is higher than that of Joe Flacco. [Flacco] needs a more complete team around him.

Adjusted Yards Per Attempt be damned, Ryan's moxy is undeniable. He's a leader. And that's why we drafted him. Admittedly he has flaws. Personally I wish he'd reign in the happy feet. Simply stated, he hasn't achieved HOF status yet, but he's undoubtedly on track.

To be fair, I know some Falcoholics aren't sold. If you feel like Ryan isn't the answer, then I want to hear from you. Even if we disagree, it's a discussion worth having.