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Saturday Six Pack: Lockout Draft Edition 4/23/11

Better keep these cold. The draft is coming soon!
Better keep these cold. The draft is coming soon!

This'll be the last Saturday Six Pack before the draft, and I can't wait to talk draft stuff with you guys. I've got some pretty good stuff for you today (or at least I think so) so let's get this Saturday Six Pack rockin'!

AJC: The ever-reliable DOL talks about 5 things we pretty much know about the Falcons' draft. I'd say he's pretty much spot on. It would be amusing to see if Dimitroff steers clear of the Big 10 again. Also, the comments under that article are particularly humorous. Also, Roddy White is asking for the arrest of a man who won't frame his jerseys! I made that sound terrible, but Roddy claims he agreed that the man would frame three jerseys for $400 each, and now the man wants $10,000 for the jerseys. Yeah, good luck with that one, framer man.

SBN Atlanta: Jason delivers a transcript of Sports Radio Interviews' interview with Tony Gonzalez. I think the interview provides a good bit of insight as to what the players are going through right now, and it pretty much confirms Gonzo isn't coming back if the season is locked out, which he doesn't think will happen. Hopefully we get our football on this year, for sure.

SBN Houston: The hate continues to rain down on Dunta Robinson from Houston. I mean...I don't know how bad he was when he was with Houston, but Dunta wasn't that bad last year. I wouldn't have even considered him "bad" at all. He wasn't thrown at too, too much, and while Rivers McCown correctly notes that DR23 wasn't our best DB last year, don't forget that Grimey was drawing some Revis comparisons last year. Yeah, that Revis. I think Dunta did just fine, for what he was asked to do.

Yahoo!: Chris Chase attempts to rank the 32 former players who will be calling their respective teams 2nd round picks. Well, half of the players I didn't even recognize, but The Hammer was ranked pretty low down there. Yeah, I'll let you have fun with that one.

Mock Draft Bonanza: Checking in on Cincy Jungle reader TruWhoDey's selections for us in Cincy Jungle's mock draft, he chose Boise State WR Austin Pettis for us in round 3. That gives us Justin Houston, Ryan Williams (intriguing RB from VaTech), and Austin Pettis, who is a bigger receiver that can go over the middle. I wouldn't complain if it shook up like that, though I don't know a whole lot about Williams.

Walter Football does a big mock every year as well. If I remember right, it was pretty good last year, however my brain melted when I read...

Tony Gonzalez is definitely entering the final year of his career. But what if there's no season? Gonzalez said he would retire if the lockout lasts a long time. Never mind the fact that Gonzalez was completely ineffective in 2010; this alone has to be a huge concern for the Falcons.

...what. In any case, I was thoroughly amused. I don't recall 70 some catches with absolute glue hands and some blocking ability considered 'being ineffective', but alright!

Random Funny: I sure do wish we had one of these up here in NC. After the Packers game, I'm pretty sure I would've moved in to that place, had I taken up heavy drinking at the time.