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Roddy White Alleging Man Stole Three Jerseys

We're about to blitz the draft, so before we take that deep breath and plunge into it, I thought we could spend a moment on news of the weird. Strap on your straitjackets.

So apparently, erstwhile star wide receiver Roddy White forked over three jerseys to a Gwinnett County man, with the intent to have this unnamed dude frame them for $400 each. According to White, the man promptly stole them and is refusing to give them back unless Roddy pays a $10,000 ransom. The AJC reports that Roddy has filled out the form necessary for an arrest warrant, so a judge will now determine if one is needed.

This is by far the stupidest alleged extortion attempt I've ever heard. The guy is known to White, lives near Atlanta and is only creative enough to ask for $10,000. These are just allegations, but if they turn out to be true, you hope a guy that dumb finds justice swift and unrelenting.

How do you think this one will turn out?