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Curtis Lofton Had Surgery On Both Knees, Expected To Be Fine

Only mildly terrifying!

One of D. Orlando Ledbetter's finest qualities as a reporter is his mastery of the understatement. Here, he is a veritable Jackson Pollock, casually tossing out that Curtis Lofton had surgery on both his fargin' knees. I was aware that Lofton had been struggling with chronic knee issues throughout last season—he was a fixture on Mike Smith's magical injury reports—but I had no idea he had been under the knife. And I had to go twelve paragraphs into this story to find that out.

From everything I can glean, Lofton will be fine for training camp. I'm grateful he was able to take care of the issue in the off-season. I'm just mildly stunned that I'm just hearing about it now. Either I'm rusty, or Lofton's a surgery ninja.

As long as he's back on the field for the season opener against the Bears, I'll let it go.

On the positive side of things, it's inspiring to hear that 30 Falcons are working out of their own volition on a regular basis. That kind of dedication will serve the team exceptionally well when this big dumb stupid lockout is finally over.

Weigh in?