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Come On Willy Mo! Starting Strong Safety Arrested Tuesday

Our own Ball Hawk broke some craptastic news this morning: William Moore was arrested yesterday.

The charges aren't all that serious. Thank Vishnu. He's charged with speeding, driving w/ a suspended license, and failure to appear. But for the failure to appear, there'd have been no need to arrest him; they'd have issued a summons.

I'm somewhat disappointed in Willy Mo. First, if your license is suspended, get it reinstated. Not that hard. And if you can't get it reinstated, then get someone to drive you around, or at the very least, do not speed. Second, the failure to appear charge means he was allegedly ordered into court at some point and then missed his court appearance. Not sure what he was ordered into court for. Could be anything really. Let's hope it was just another traffic-related offense. We all speed sooner or later. But driving w/ a suspended license and failing to appear is not smart. Not at all.

Honestly, given the nature of the charges, you'd think this gets swept under the rug lickity split. Worst case scenario, the failure to appear charge stems from something that is not traffic-related. Something more serious that we never heard about. But we shall see. Of course, we will bring you updates if there are any.


UPDATE: Looks like the failure to appear allegation and suspended license stemmed from an unpaid traffic ticket. Good news to say the least. I'm somewhat lost re: why he had to spend 7 hours in jail over this. Sounds like an overzealous police officer ruined Willy Mo's Tuesday.