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Falcons Visiting With Ryan Kerrigan, Adrian Clayborn

On the heels of a Tuesday visit with rookie defensive ends Adrian Clayborn and Ryan Kerrigan, I thought it would be prudent to explain why you shouldn't get too excited about either.

I'm an eternal optimist, so I can envision a scenario in which both guys somehow tumble to the 27th pick in the first round and the Falcons gleefully scoop one up. Being vaguely pragmatic, as well, I know that's likely a crock of something.

I would consider both of these guys exceedingly unlikely to land in Atlanta. The Jaguars have been widely linked to Clayborn, and several teams above the Falcons in the draft pecking order have been linked to Kerrigan. Even if Clayborn fell to the Falcons, there are enough concerns about how he would fit with the team that he'd be no lock to be selected. Kerrigan is a better fit, but I can't imagine the Falcons would sacrifice a ton to move up and get him.

So ultimately, you have two quality defensive ends coming in for visits that aren't going to come this close to Flowery Branch again. Never accuse the Falcons of not doing their due diligence, though.

At this point, the likeliest scenario remains getting someone like Justin Houston—even though he's been linked to the Saints and Bucs—or trading back and grabbing Allen Bailey or Sam Acho. I still firmly believe the Falcons' first pick will be a defensive end, but it's an open question who it will be and when they'll be on the board.