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Saturday Six Pack: Gonzo Retirement Scare Edition 4/2/11

You know the drill. Relaxing weekend. Six pack of Matty Ice. Seriously, someone should invent that.
You know the drill. Relaxing weekend. Six pack of Matty Ice. Seriously, someone should invent that.

So, Gonzo is threatening retirement (Ok, not threatening) if the 2011 season doesn't happen. I couldn't blame him, personally.

Not much exciting is going on in the NFL this week. Just more workouts and the yearly doofus-head that gives a Darwin Award to his career. Seriously, I wonder if these guys think before they act sometimes?

Well, in any case, let's get this Saturday Six Pack rockin'!

DOL: Back to our regularly scheduled non-nostalgia posts, DOL gives us a few good reads this week. First and foremost on the agenda, vote to save Matt Ryan from the Madden Curse! As for someone else. Just because you don't believe in it doesn't mean it can't happen. Do your patriotic duty and save Matty from Madden doom! Next, DOL talks about a potential draft sleeper who hails from Georgia, and he also mentions two more workouts the Falcons have held recently. I tell you what, the second comment on the McCarthy/Kerrigan workout article is pretty funny. You should check it out.

Behind the Steel Curtain: Our friends over at the Steelers' SBN blog have done a full blown mock draft of their own, and this week our own Falcons were represented by reader Bluegrass Steeler, who chose Iowa DE Adrian Clayborn for us at #27. This post is an excellent writeup and definitely worth a read. Check it out!

United Press International: The UPI provides this article about the wife of former Falcon Shane Dronett approving of the new rules on helmet-to-helmet hits. For those who don't know, Shane Dronett committed suicide a couple years ago after the repeated hits to his head slowly degenerated his brain and altered his personality. Stuff like this is very real, folks, and if you don't experience it firsthand, you can never really understand it. It's scary.

Snellville Patch: Joy L. Woodson, editor over at the Snellville Patch, delivers this article about Falcons Punter Michael Koenen hosting a Dream House Fundraiser, which raises money for the Dream House for Medically Fragile Children. The event is on April 19th at Hamilton Mill Golf Club in Dacula, Georgia. If you're nearby, I encourage you to check it out!

DraftSeason: Nik Edlund over at takes a good, hard look at the Falcons draft needs, and even offers a multitude of suggestions for picks in the first three rounds. This is a pretty good read, and it's pretty accurate in terms of what might happen depending on who falls to us. It's good stuff.

Random Funny: This image! That whole site has a lot of pretty good images/vids. Not all of them are safe for work, however, so be warned. The site is a good time killer, though.