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Report: Falcons Work Out Louisville RB Bilal Powell

The workouts are coming fast and furious, so it's all I can do to keep you guys up to date on who the team's baleful eye is falling on these days.

I'm a day behind, but Louisville running back Bilal Powell is working out for the Falcons soon. Powell suffered through a rash of injuries that cost him the full NFL Combine, but he was very productive in 2010, rushing for 1,405 yards and 11 touchdowns. That ain't half bad.

Of course, that's by far his most productive year. The challenge with guys like Powell who rack up exactly one good year in college: Determining whether they simply came on their last season or had a fluke year is up for debate, but I do like Powell's skills.

Frankly, he'd be a nice fit for the Falcons. Decent hands, above average speed and good agility for a 207 pound back, and he's a likely fifth round pick. That's about where I'd want the Falcons to be looking for a new third string back, and Powell has enough potential that he could eventually be a valuable backup for Atlanta to Michael Turner or whatever back occupies the feature role.

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