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If Free Agency Happens, Do The Falcons Chase Marion Barber?

We're so far out in the world of hypotheticals that quantum physicists are backing away slowly at this point, but I thought it was a question worth asking.

Oh, right. The question. If the Dallas Cowboys release Marion Barber—a move that is widely expected—would the Falcons even consider chasing the hulking running back? That assumes that the Cowboys cut Barber and that free agency happens and Barber has a clean bill of health after a bad 2010 and the universe doesn't implode between now and that point. Nothing's certain.

Why Barber? With the exception of a horrendous, injury-marred 2010, Barber's been a very good back for several years now. He's a bulldozer near the goal line, has averaged 4.2 yards per carry over his career and is still only 27 years old. On top of that, his brutal 2010 campaign—which has widely been compared to Napoleon's Waterloo, but with less French people—has severely undercut his leverage as a free agent, meaning he likely won't be as expensive as he might have been.

What's not to love? Well, there are significant questions about that 2010 season, which I am determined to flog like a dead horse. There's also the little question of whether Barber would even consider being a backup, which he would have to be considering Michael Turner is more deeply entrenched than the Western Front, even though he appears to be in a period of slow decline. Barber also offers the same kind of bruising style Turner's become known for.

In the end, while Barber is certainly worthy of a long look, I seriously doubt the Falcons will do more than gently kick the tires. Consider this rumor headed off at the pass, but please weigh in with your own opinions.