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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: Shann's Broken Ankle + Kinda Relevant Rap Lyrics = End the Lockout

Biggy Smalls wasn't right about one thing: sometimes less money means more problems. Bill Speltz of the Missoulian shared some interesting tidbits re: Shann Schillinger yesterday.

"I'm trying to rehab and can't use the team facilities and talk to the trainers," he said. "That has gotten kind of difficult."

To the Falcons' credit, they tried to prepare their young players for a work stoppage ahead of time. They counseled them on frugality and, in Shann's case, identified top-notch physical therapists to fill in when the lockout hit.

"I'm cautiously optimistic," Schillinger said. "Some people think I need to think different about it. I don't have a lot of control over it so there's no sense in getting too worked up."

Because he knows the terminology and he's familiar with the system, Shann is more-or-less guaranteed a roster spot next season. But you have to question if he can make a career of it. It is unlikely he will ever start at this level. And assuming he continues to work his tail off, he may have 5-6 more years of professional ball in his future. Meanwhile, I'd imagine physical therapy isn't cheap, and his savings account isn't bursting at the seams. He's the sort of NFLer you really feel for.

Wonder who thinks he should think differently. If he's talking about his family or friends, that is one thing. If he's talking about fellow NFLers, then that's a curious twist underlying these shenanigans. The now-defunct NFLPA is a interesting beast - capable of orchestrating under-the-radar persuasive techniques - and you have to wonder whether they're truly representing the best interests of all NFLers, especially guys like Shann.

End the lockout. Give the marginal NFLers a chance. For serious.