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Falcons TWESTOTE of the Day: Roddy's Tweeting Problem

There's no denying Roddy White's talent. He's a VERY skilled football player. But he needs to stop tweeting. ESPN's Mike Sando came to Alex Smith's defense yesterday after our WR1 publicly criticized the embattled quarterback via Twitter. Here's what he had to say about Smith: 

Why is the 49ers wasting their time with alex smith they need to move on better yet try to get luck next year would be good for them

2 coaches have been fired for tht mans performance

Roddy eventually tweeted an obviously less-than-sincere apology, saying the 49ers should give Smith a five-year deal. Sando's defense of Smith is weak sauce. He basically implies Roddy should keep his mouth shut because the Falcons haven't won a playoff game during his tenure.

Sando's illogical rant aside, it'd be nice if Roddy chilled out a bit. He has a history of saying dumb stuff on Twitter. Obviously the FO can't make him stop. It all comes down to class (or a lack thereof) in my opinion, though I'm curious what y'all think.